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Transportation -- United States -- Planning, Transportation and state -- Decision making -- Analysis


This extensive database project provides demographic data for workers, both in terms of where they live and where they work, for 39 U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs). Planners and researchers can use this database to assess the extent to which transit stations and station areas are associated with economic and demographic change, and to forecast similar magnitudes of change through proposed new or expanded transit systems. Specific data elements include job numbers based on job sector, earnings, race, education, sex, and distance of census blocks to transit separated by mode type. Data were extracted as part of a larger project that examines the impact of transit on a large number of societal factors, including economic development and demographic dynamics


This PDF contains the database content description and instructions for downloading data files.

This data supports the NITC project, Updating and Expanding LRT/BRT/SCT/CRT Data and Analysis.

The Final Report for the project can be found here:

The Project Brief


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