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Bus stops -- Design and construction, Transportation -- Planning, People with disabilities -- Travel, Transportation demand management, Paratransit services


These datasets support a final report published on NITC’s website “The Role of Bus Stop Features in Facilitating Accessibility”:

The DOI for the final report is:


UTA Paratransit Activity Locations 2018

Utah Transit Authority data were retrieved from the Trapeze database by Jim Wadley,, on 31 January 2019. The LDate field is a long integer of the date in YYYYMMDD format. An Activity of 0 is a pick-up and 1 is a drop-off. There are some activities not geocoded that have a Lat and Lon of 0.

UTA Stop Ridership 2013 and 2018 change days

Data are from APC data collected on 5 - 7 February 2019 by Jim Wadley (

They were retrieved using the Stop Ridership Ranking report and SPSS. Data periods are entire "change day" periods. Dates covered are in the tab names. Approximately 50% of buses were equipped with APC equipment in 2013. Ridership was not sampled in 2013 so stops may have had few or no APC records.

By 2014 approximately 80% of buses were APC equipped and sampling plans were being implemented with the goal of using APC equipment for ridership reporting. It is still possible, however, that not all stops were adequately sampled. By 2018 100% of the bus fleet were using APC's. All trips are sampled, with data missing only in the case of detour or equipment failure. Average daily stop activity is derived by summing the averages of all the daily trips sampled at a stop. Overall ridership is calculated from the average daily ridership on complete trips, therefore the sum of stop ridership on a route may not equal route ridership. StopId is the internal ID for the Trapeze scheduling and bus stop management software used by UTA. UTAId is the six-digit ID for customer stop identification. Bus stop signs are marked with this ID. AverageDailyOn are the average boardings for the service (Weekday, Saturday, or Sunday) during the change day period. AverageDailyOff are the alightings. TotActivty is the sum of the two.

Latitude and Longitude are the are the averages of the bus GPS locations at the time of boarding and alighting.


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