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Bicycle commuting -- Oregon -- Portland, Streets -- Oregon -- Portland -- Design and construction, City traffic -- Oregon -- Portland, Traffic engineering, Streets -- Retrofitting


This project is a follow up to a successful previous NITC project and subsequent nationally distributed book, called “Rethinking Streets: An Evidence-Based Guide to 25 Street Transformations.” The success of the first book demonstrated a need for easy access to evidence-based transportation information that can be used by practitioners, community members, policymakers, educators, and researchers. This project produced a follow-up guidebook, but with a focus on streets redesigned to accommodate bicycle transportation in ways following current best practices. Whereas the first book purposefully focused on “average” street retrofit projects to communicate the normalcy of such projects around the country, this project focused on the more ambitious approaches a variety of cities have taken to retrofit their streets to better accommodate normal people using bicycles as a normal mode of transportation. Complete Streets policies are being adopted across the United States, but local officials have few documented guidebooks to help them to retrofit streets for people on bikes based on completed projects using best practices. This project fills that gap.


This is a final report, NITC-RR-1081, from the NITC program of TREC at Portland State University, and can be found online at:

The Project Brief associated with this research can be found at:



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Rethinking Streets for Bikes: An Evidence-Based Guide to 25 Bike-Focused Street Transformations (Full Book)