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City planning -- Technological innovations, Urban transportation, Automated vehicles -- Oregon -- Case studies, Transportation -- Planning, Electronic commerce


Advances in emerging technologies – such as autonomous vehicles (AVs), e-commerce, and the sharing economy – are having profound effects not only on how we live, move, and spend our time in cities, but also on urban form and development itself. These new technologies are changing how people and goods move around a city and are beginning to have substantial effects on land use, street design, parking, and housing. These changes will have significant implications for city governance, revenues, and budgets.

In partnership with the cities of Gresham and Eugene (the Cities), this project assessed the challenges and opportunities presented by new mobility services and e-commerce delivery present to cities. It recommends a strategy and topic areas that cities should focus on to ensure that technology is used as a tool to help achieve citywide goals related to equity, the economy, the environment, safety, and transportation.


This is a final report, NITC-RR-1249, from the NITC program of TREC at Portland State University, and can be found online at:

The Project Brief associated with this research can be found at:



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