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Urban transportation, Transportation -- Planning, Pedestrian traffic flow


This report summarizes the primary output of this project, a book of COVID-era street reconfiguration case studies called Rethinking Streets During COVID-19: An Evidence-Based Guide to 25 Quick Redesigns for Physical Distancing, Public Use, and Spatial Equity. COVID-era needs have accelerated the process that many communities use to make street transformations due to: a need to remain physically distanced from others outside our immediate household; a need for more outdoor space close to home in every part of every community to access and enjoy; a need for more space to provide efficient mobility for essential workers in particular; and a need for more space for local businesses as they try to remain open safely. This project is the third in a series of NITC-supported case study books on best practices in street reconfigurations for more active, sustainable, and in this case, COVID-supportive uses. The full, 154-page book is available for free download from the National Institute for Transportation and Communities (NITC).


This is a final report, NITC-RR-1447, from the NITC program of TREC at Portland State University, and can be found online at:



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