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Concrete -- Recycling, Concrete pavements -- Recycling, Concrete -- Expansion and contraction


As high-quality, local, natural aggregate resources continue to become less available, and the cost of landfilling waste material rises, the need for alternative aggregates and recycling of waste material will increase. Using RCA in fresh concrete is one way to address both of these issues. However, there has long been a concern that RCA may negatively affect the properties of new concrete in which it is included. The results of the present investigation, however, indicate that the use of RCA in new concrete may not produce higher levels of free drying shrinkage as previously believed. Actually, these results show that when these RCAs were used for similar levels of free drying shrinkage, the cracking susceptibility of the concrete was reduced. The results demonstrate that even a small inclusion of RCA (25% replacement) may be a viable option to decrease the cracking susceptibility of concrete under drying conditions.


This is a final report, OTREC-SS-725, from the NITC program of TREC at Portland State University, and can be found online at:



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