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Some researchers have tried to categorize cyclists’ levels of traffic stress utilizing facility or traffic data that can be readily measured in the field, such as motorized travel lanes, travel speeds, and type of bicycle infrastructure.

This seminar will present data and modeling results utilizing two novel data sources:

(a) real-world, on-road measurements of physiological stress as cyclists travel across different types of facilities and

(b) data collected utilizing a smartphone app called ORcycle (

This presentation will discuss key findings and potential policy implications.

Biographical Information

Dr. Miguel Figliozzi is a professor in the Civil and Environmental Department at Portland State University and director of the Transportation Technology and People (TTP) lab.


Urban transportation, Cyclists -- Stress (Physiology) -- Measurement, Transportation -- Planning -- Oregon -- Portland, Transportation and state


Transportation | Urban Studies | Urban Studies and Planning

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Measuring and Modeling Cyclists’ Comfort and Stress Levels



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