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Walkability and walking are being intensively researched today and the literature provides a wealth of references and examples on how to measure walkability of the built environment. IAAPE is one method that was developed at the Instituto Superior Técnico (Lisbon) to measure walkability at the micro-scale, bringing solutions that were disregarded in two aspects: it is a participatory process; and it provides different evaluations for different population segments (adults, children, seniors, impaired) or for different trip motivations.

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Filipe Moura is an Assistant Professor of Transportation Systems in the Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Georesources at the Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal. He was awarded the Fulbright grant in 2017/2018 and is a visiting researcher at the Portland State University, where he is currently doing research on "Urban mobility, actives modes and travel behaviour changes". His other research interests also focus on "sustainable mobility" and "technology diffusion in transport systems". He is an expert of the European Commission (INEA) for the Smart Cities and Communities projects. Filipe holds a PhD in Transportation Systems from the Instituto Superior Técnico of the University of Lisbon, having developed part of his research at the International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Laxemburg, Austria.


Pedestrian areas -- Planning, Local transit -- Portugal -- Lisbon, City planning -- Portugal -- Lisbon


Transportation | Urban Studies

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Insights on Walkability and Walking in Lisbon with the IAAPE Method



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