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The Transportation Wallet is one of Portland’s newest parking and transportation demand management (TDM) strategies, designed to reduce parking demand while simultaneously offering new mobility options by bundling transit and bike share passes into one consumer product. Two of Portland’s managed parking districts have elected to add a surcharge to the cost of on-street parking permits, a portion of which is used to subsidize the cost of the Transportation Wallet. Residents and employees in the parking districts are eligible to purchase the Transportation Wallet at a fraction of the retail cost. As an added incentive to increase parking supply, people can trade in their on-street parking permits in exchange for free Transportation Wallets. Since the program’s full implementation in the past year, the number of parking permits issued in the districts has noticeably declined. Wallet holders report they are taking transit and bike share trips more, some of whom are new riders altogether, and many report driving less. The impact of the Transportation Wallet on the overall transportation system is promising, as people are replacing car trips throughout the city, with the highest concentration being in the two parking districts. Planning is already underway to expand the Transportation Wallet to offer more mobility options to a greater audience in more Portland neighborhoods.

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Sarah is a TDM Specialist in the Active Transportation & Safety Division at PBOT. She specializes in developing strategies for both employer and residential TDM programs and is currently the project manager for Portland’s Transportation Wallet program. Sarah also manages Portland’s on-street bike parking. She earned her MA in Education from Portland State University.


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Portland’s Transportation Wallet: How Pricing Parking Can Create New Mobility Options



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