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While the overarching objective of the transportation system is to provide mobility, it should be developed and operated under the framework of a safe system with the aspirational goal to establish a system on which no road user can be severely or fatally injured. To accomplish such a safe system, it is necessary to effectively harness all the core protective opportunities provided by the system. This includes the street design and operations, user behavior, vehicle design, protection systems, and EMS. The common thread across these layers is speed. This is directly driven by the quadratic relationship between velocity and kinetic energy, and the necessity to provide safe and structured dispersion of kinetic energy at the onset of a safety-critical event. The presentation will describe ongoing research that examines what happens when we no longer design each of the individual safety components to provide a desirable level of protection for a certain circumstance, but that it can contribute to a larger joint entity (i.e., the system) and can exhibit the required level of safety.

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Dr. Offer Grembek is a researcher and lecturer at the University of California Berkeley. He serves as the Co‐Director at the university’s Safe Transportation Research and Education Center (SafeTREC), a research center affiliated with the UC Berkeley School of Public Health and the UC Berkeley Institute of Transportation Studies. Dr. Grembek is an also Associate Director of the Collaborative Sciences Center for Road Safety, a National UTC led by the University of North Carolina, and a member of the Transportation Research Board Committee on Transportation Safety Management Systems (ANB10). Dr. Grembek received his PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley in 2010.


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The Safe System Approach: Considerations for Developing a Multi-Layered System



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