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Speed is a key factor in how people experience Portland’s streets. Appropriate speeds help prevent crashes, reduce the harmful consequences of crashes, and can help streets become more comfortable and sociable spaces that support a variety of travel modes and uses. The Portland Bureau of Transportation will share information on how the City of Portland is supporting safe travel speeds through its Vision Zero work. Topics will include the left turn calming pilot project, speed safety cameras, speed limit reductions, and road reorganizations. Data on the results of these interventions will be shared, along with discussion of next steps for helping people travel at safe speeds in Portland.

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Matt Kelly, Portland Bureau of Transportation

Matt Kelly is a Vision Zero Specialist at the Bureau of Transportation in Portland, Oregon; it is a position he has held since 2015. He has two Master’s degrees from the University of Michigan in Urban Planning and in Communications.


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Safe Speeds Save Lives: How Portland is Managing Speeds for Safety