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The diversity of road users is not equitably accounted for in vehicular and infrastructure design and funding allocation policies, among other areas that impact mobility. This impedes the ability for all road users to experience the same level of safety while traveling. Moving towards equitable road safety for all road users is critical to improve the quality of life and save lives of those that are most underserved in the transportation sector.

Professor Alyssa Ryan discusses two strategies to increase safety for vulnerable road users. First, a study on road injury differences between drivers of different biological sex is presented. This research highlights the crash conditions and vehicle components that lead to different injury outcomes for female and male drivers, emphasizing the importance of including both representative female and male anthropometry in vehicle testing and design. Next, a research study that explores the factors that impede the ability of municipalities to efficiently and equitably distribute highway funding to improve local road safety is presented. Given the diversity of needs of varying municipalities, this research presents that population characteristics and environmental characteristics lead to different levels of resource need to achieve the same level of safety as their counterparts.

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Alyssa Ryan is an Assistant Professor in Civil Engineering at the University of Arizona. Her research primarily focuses on the intersection of transportation safety and equity with human factors, unmanned aerial system applications, traffic operations, and resource allocation. Professor Ryan completed her Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.


Transportation -- Safety measures -- Planning


Transportation | Urban Studies

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Vehicular Design and Resource Allocation Policies for Equitable Road Safety



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