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In 2022, cars are ubiquitous and completely embedded into America’s economy and social fabric. American cities don’t make car plans, but all transportation plans – whether they are for people who walk, bike, take transit, run freight or delivery businesses – are all written in response to cars. Transportation planning is all about cars; supporting cars or constraining cars. How did our cities evolve into places where cars dominate, and where can we go from here? To move to a new paradigm, cities need to acknowledge car dominance and focus on cars with the same rigor they do other modal plans – the history of cars in the city, the streets cars dominate, the actual vehicles, the drivers, and our future with cars. In the process of writing a Car Master Plan for Downtown Portland, Cathy Tuttle uncovered remarkable new information about curb space use, asphalt, and the four types of drivers.

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Cathy Tuttle is a PhD in Urban Design and Planning who worked for several decades as a consultant, city planning and as founding executive director of Seattle Neighborhood Greenways.


Climatic changes -- Oregon, Urban transportation policy, Automobile drivers -- Behavior -- Analysis, Urban transportation, Transportation -- Planning -- Oregon


Transportation | Urban Studies and Planning

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Why Your City Needs a Car Master Plan



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