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Effects of the Objective and Perceived Built Environment on Bicycling for Transportation:
This paper investigates the relative effects of the objectively-measured built environment versus stated perceptions of the built-environment on bicycling. Data are from a random phone survey conducted in the Portland, Oregon region. Binary logit and linear regression models, using objective measures, perceived measures, and both sets of measures, were estimated to predict odds of bicycling and frequency of bicycling separately. Results showed that the perceived environment and objective environment had independent effects on bicycling. This suggests that future bicycling research should include both perceived and objective measures of the built environment when possible. In addition, it indicates that interventions that focus on changing perceptions of the environment may be as important as actual changes in the built environment. The objective environment was necessary but not sufficient for bicycling. Intervention programs to improve people’s perceptions of the environment may be necessary to reap the full potential of planning and design policies. The results also suggest that it is useful to predict odds of bicycling and bicycling frequency separately, as the predictors of each behavior do vary. Finally, the analysis confirms the importance of attitudes in predicting behavior.


Urban transportation -- Oregon -- Portland -- Planning, Bicycle commuting -- Oregon -- Portland Metropolitan Area, Cycling -- Route choice, Cyclists -- Perceptions


Transportation | Urban Studies and Planning

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Effects of the Objective and Perceived Built Environment on Bicycling for Transportation



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