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In this study, Cyprus has been evaluated according to geopolitical strategies as land, sea and air power and rimland theory. By this starting point, the main purpose of this study is to identify the importance of Cyprus according to these strategies. Mainly the geopolitical theories consist of four parts including land, sea, air and rimland theories. The discussion about which one of the air, land and sea powers are the main and which one is the sub power have not reach a definite conclusion yet. For this uncertainty, as an objective presentation a chronological line has been followed. According to this line, the views and thoughts will be considered respectively sea, land and rimland and finally air sovereignty or powers.

The paper is in Turkish. A summary of the work in English starts on page 30.

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Center for Turkish Studies & The Contemporary Turkish Studies Program, Portland State University


Cyprus -- Politics and government, Geopolitics Cyprus


International Relations | Islamic World and Near East History

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Occasional Paper Series Vol. 3 - No.1

Editor in Chief: Birol Yesilada

Jeopolitik Teoriler Acisindan Kibris'in Onemi (The Importance Of Cyprus Island in Geopolitical Theories)