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In 2009, the author sent a link to a questionnaire to several email lists, inviting academic librarians to answer a short survey regarding whether blogging should count as scholarship. The author wondered if, seven years later, blogs had gained more traction as a viable form of scholarship, or whether interest in blogging was waning. A similar survey was distributed to several email lists again.

To see whether there has been a change in how blogging counts as scholarship or a creative activity in academic promotion and tenure, the author sent a link to a questionnaire to several e-mail lists, inviting academic librarians to answer a short survey. The survey was nearly identical to the last blogging survey, with the difference being that an additional question was asked.

23.9% of respondents indicated that their institution expects them to engage in scholarship. Respondents were asked whether performance review committees at their institution believe publishing a blog is weighted the same as publishing an article in a peerreviewed journal. Only 3.1% indicated yes, while 68.5% indicated no. 19.2% selected unsure, and 9.2% indicated other. 20 respondents skipped this question. In the 2010 survey, 53.7% indicated no and 31.3% indicated unsure, so it seems committees now are no more likely to consider blogging as scholarship than 7 years ago.


This document is the unedited author's version of a submitted work. Part 1, "Bloggership, or is publishing a blog scholarship? A survey of academic librarians" was published in Library Hi Tech, Vol. 28 Issue: 3, pp.470-477, and is available:

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