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Information resources management, Electronic information resources -- Management, Library science


Growing Open Access (OA) options, Big Deal price pressure, fluid e-book purchasing models, and the need for ongoing assessment: it all adds up to a lot of moving parts. More than ever, you need a pragmatic framework for managing the many details of your online materials. TERMS—Techniques for Electronic Resource Management Systems—gave you one. Now its creators, incorporating five years of notes and input from many voices in the field, have updated their influential lifecycle model. In six sections you will circle through selection, procurement and licensing, implementation, troubleshooting, evaluation, and preservation and sustainability. Offering targeted guidance on both basic and complex issues, this book’s topics include

  • ways to fold OA management into traditional library practice;
  • accommodating the range of new purchasing models;
  • the relative weight of 13 factors when negotiating with vendors;
  • understanding deal-breakers and knowing when to walk away;
  • assessment after COUNTER 5 and bibliometrics;
  • criteria for making decisions on preservation and sustainability;
  • managing streaming media; and
  • six major developments to watch as the field evolves.

Whether a single team manages electronic resources or responsibility is spread across your library, this book will be your go-to ERM reference.


2020 © Jill Emery, Graham Stone, and Peter McCracken

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