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Technical Report

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Wine and wine making -- Oregon, Wine industry -- Oregon


The Willamette Valley Winery Association, Oregon Winery Association, Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development, and Oregon Department of Agriculture asked the authors to develop information needed to help inform discussions regarding the replacement for the soon-to-sunset HB 3280. HB 3280, signed by the Governor in August of 2011, provided a means for defining and regulating wine-related and non-wine-related events occurring or proposed to occur at wineries and vineyards in Oregon, often in exclusive farm use zones. Our charge was to investigate the following policy issue: How have wine regions permitted and managed a range of uses and activities at wineries, some of which are indirectly connected to the making or selling of wine? How can wine region land use regulations contribute to sustaining the brand for a region? How can farmland winery codes best maintain compatibility with other crops and farming activities? This report is presented in three parts. We begin with the literature review, and the lessons learned from that research. We then present the four cases and the lessons learned from them. This report concludes with a synthesis of the findings from the literature review and the case studies, along with our recommendations for how this information might be applied to the development of a replacement for HB 3280 in the next legislative session.

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