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Electronic traffic controls, Adaptive control systems, Transportation -- Planning -- Oregon, Oregon. Department of Transportation


A case study was undertaken in order to evaluate the potential use of dynamic traffic assignment (DTA) tools by Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and its partner agencies. The objectives of this study were to provide insight into the nature of DTA models, to inform the program selection process, and to develop realistic expectations for potential DTA work plans. The overarching goal of this report is to describe the process followed and experiences of the study team in developing and testing DTA network models. Two available DTA programs were selected for in-depth analysis from a preliminary screening of available programs: DynusT, an open-source program, and Dynameq, a commercially licensed product of INRO Inc. DynusT is a mesoscopic simulation DTA, with link-level resolution. In contrast, Dynameq is a mesoscopic simulation DTA with microscopic elements, such as lane-level resolution and lane-changing behavior.

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