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Oregon. Department of Motor Vehicles, At-risk driver program -- Evaluation


Oregon is one of six states with requirements for mandatory reporting of drivers with medical impairments. In 2003, the state’s mandatory reporting program, administered by Oregon Driver Motor Vehicles (DMV) Services, was revised to cover an extensive range of cognitive and functional impairments. This report examines the safety risk of persons treated in Oregon’s revised Medically At-Risk Driver program. The incidence of crashes and traffic offense convictions before and after license suspension is documented and compared to crash and conviction incidence of persons treated in the DMV’s voluntary medical reporting program. Comparisons are also made to a representative sample of the state’s driver population. Structured interviews of program stakeholders were also undertaken to identify issues related to the program’s performance. The safety analysis and interview findings provided a basis for recommendations made in the report.


This is a final report, OTREC-RR-10-05, from the NITC program of TREC at Portland State University. More information can be found online at:



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