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Portland Made is a self-sustaining collective of makers, artisans and manufacturers that advocates and supports its members by providing education and marketing, a shared resource hub, and a brand that promotes their products locally and globally.” The Portland Made Collective (PMC) is a project of ADX (Art Design) Portland, a makerspace owned and operated by Kelley Roy.

This report summarizes the results of a survey of the members of the Portland Made Collective conducted in the spring and summer of 2015. It is the second in a series of annual surveys of PMC members, the first being conducted in 2014. The survey requested information about primary products and services, revenues, employment characteristics, orientation to certain identities, location of markets, specific challenges, and desired goals for PMC membership (see Appendix A for a full text of the survey).

At the time of the survey, PMC had 342 members. The survey was sent to all 342 members electronically. We received 85 responses, distributed roughly evenly across four weekly electronic mailings. This calculates to a response rate of 25%, well above the average response rate (roughly 10-15%) for an electronic survey. Responses reflected a broad distribution of enterprises by size and product type. Considering the diversity of responses and the 25% response rate, we are reasonably confident that those who responded reflect the population of PMC members as a whole.


The 2014 survey is located here:

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