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Transportation -- Oregon -- Portland Metropolitan Area -- Planning, Youth voice


In May 2014, the MYC hosted young people at our first Youth Summit for Transit Justice. In this youth-led process, we brought together youth from across the county and adult policy-makers to address our region’s transit issues. It was an important step for building youth-adult partnership to improve transit access for young people in Multnomah County. In this report, we report on the Transit Justice Summit and the youth perspective on transit fares, access, and the importance of transit justice for the success of all youth in Portland and Multnomah County. This report was created from research we conducted to learn about how youth get around, where they are going, and what problems they face when using transit. We provide a youth voice on major issues we learned about from focus groups, surveys, interviews, and discussion at the Transit Justice Summit. This is a report of young people’s experiences, and also their ideas for change. In our research and at the summit, a diverse group of young people developed ideas for how to improve transit, the built environment, and youth-police relationships. As you read the report, you will learn about our process, the summit, and the policy recommendations we’re delivering to adult policy-makers at local governments, police departments, and at TriMet. The Multnomah Youth Commission’s policy recommendations are about achieving transit justice for the youth of Multnomah County.


A Youth Participatory Action Research report by the Multnomah Youth Commission; with Lisa K. Bates as research advisor and the support of PSU's Senior Capstone.

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