Breaking Barriers to Bike Share: Lessons on Bike Share Equity

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Ite Journal-Institute Of Transportation Engineers

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The number of public bike share systems has increased rapidly across the United States in recent years. However, there is evidence that significant portions of the population are underrepresented among bike share users, including people of color, along with lower-income, female, older, and less educated groups. Lack of bike share stations in neighborhoods with people of color and/or lower incomes is one factor, but it does not completely explain the disparities in use. This article examines how cost, lack of payment options, lack of bank and credit card accounts, and lack of familiarity with bike sharing are other potential barriers.It also looks at the ways in which many cities are trying to overcome access and use barriers for underserved communities. This includes cities working with the Better Bike Share Partnership (BBSP) to test potentially replicable approaches, such as focused outreach.

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