Albina Zone (Presentation)

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Black Freedom Beyond Borders: Memories of Abolition Day

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Social justice, Racial justice, Anti-racism


Lisa Bates reads her contribution, "Albina Zone," part of the anthology, Black Freedom Beyond Borders, an immersive exploration of Afrofuturism as a Portal for Black Liberatory Practice. This interactive session featured Black Speculative Artists as they explored their role of culture keepers as worldbuilders in this time of resistance, renewal, and reimagination: How might we experience an abolitionist future? The session drew upon Black Freedom Beyond Borders: Memories of Abolition Day, a collection of 10 Afrofuturist freedom dreams written by a collective of Black storytellers. Wakanda Dream Lab, in partnership with PolicyLink and The Big We, produced this anthology that invites readers to experience an Afrofuturist journey of safety & freedom: a future 100 years liberated from prisons & policing.

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