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Urban agriculture, Sustainable agriculture, Sustainable urban development


This is an inventory of open space with potential for agricultural production on land both owned by public agencies and within the city limits of Oakland, California. The inventory was conducted between the summer of 2008 and spring of 2009 and is part of an ongoing movement to develop a more resilient, sustainable, and just food system in Oakland. This project aims to locate Oakland’s "commons"—land that is owned by public agencies and therefore a public resource—and assess the potential for urban agriculture (UA) on this land. We hope that this assessment can be used 1) to inform policy decisions that concern Oakland’s food, health, and environmental quality, and 2) by non-profit organizations and city officials as a tool with which to identify potential sites for UA programs.


All text and maps © N. McClintock / J. Cooper. All photos © N. McClintock. All aerial imagery © 2009 TerraMetrics/Google Earth and National Agricultural Imagery Program. Please do not reproduce any element of this report without proper citation.

*At the time of publication Nathan McClintock was affiliated with University of California - Berkeley.

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