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City planning -- Oregon -- Fairview, Land use -- Oregon -- Fairview


The purpose of this document is to develop, identify, recommend and prioritize the steps for an implementation strategy that promotes the ongoing revitalization goals for Fairview's Old Town neighborhood that is both tailored to current residents' needs and existing housing costs.

Communities are stronger when residents are actively involved. The Old Town project's effort utilized a community based collaborative approach that included Old Town residents, absentee land owners, the City of Fairview planners and the Portland State University project team. The specific steps included: a demographic profile, a land use analysis, a survey of current housing conditions, a community survey of residents' perceptions of their housing and neighborhood, a review of relevant literature regarding the risk of housing price increase and a review of policies that can influence housing price stability.

The demographic profile was used to illustrate the characteristics of the people the project was intended to serve and how they compare to the rest of Fairview and the Portland/ Vancouver metropolitan region. A land use analysis was conducted to find the current proportions of different land uses, the distribution of housing types, current zoning designations and how well they fit together. The housing conditions survey revealed the overall housing characteristics of Old Town and the common problems found among individual houses, as well as gave an accurate count of total housing units. The housing conditions survey also included an overview of prominent architectural styles to assess the neighborhood's appeal to certain types of potential buyers. The community survey was conducted as a means to understand the residents' desires and visions for Old Town. The literature review informed a risk assessment of housing price increases that can result from the neighborhood's location, demographics and potential revitalization. The policy review was conducted to find policies that may aid the City of Fairview in maintaining housing price stability in Old Town.

This project was conducted under the supervision of Deborah Howe, Steven Reed Johnson, and Connie Ozawa.


Client: City of Fairview


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