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Native Americans -- Oregon, Community development -- Oregon -- Portland, Housing -- Oregon -- Portland


Community development is difficult, yet rewarding work. Success is dependent on focused activities, organizational capacity, availability of funding and technical assistance, leadership capability and community support. Low Income Housing for Native Americans of Portland, Oregon (LIHNAPO) was created in 1993 in response to the urgent need for affordable housing for Native Americans in Portland. LIHNAPO is young, working to establish itself as a viable organization. To make this transition, LIHNAPO must carry out a strategic planning process. As a step in that direction, Organizing Resources for Community Action (ORCA) has created this document to help LIHNAPO identify the course for the organization and strategies that will best meet the needs of the urban Indian community.

This project was conducted under the supervision of Deborah Howe and Connie Ozawa.


Client: Low Income Housing for Native Americans of Portland, Oregon (LIHNAPO)

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community involvement plan.pdf (1481 kB)
LIHNAPO's Community Involvement Plan

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Project Proposal