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Bicycle commuting, Urban planning, Urban development -- Oregon -- Portland


Vision Zero Oregon (VZO) is a street safety philosophy that aims to create streets where no one will be killed or seriously injured. Vision Zero Oregon prioritizes road safety above all else. Every life is worth more than an increase in speeds or road capacity for vehicles. Achieving Vision Zero Oregon goals will require a shift in the focus of policy, laws and enforcement, and the formation of a new relationship between residents and their streets, and revolution in the way transportation departments operate their streets. This project takes on one part of this complex topic, focusing on community interest, involvement, and influence in the transportation system of a neighborhood. The goal is to turn resident interest into activism, and empower a population to support the innovative changes necessary to decisively improve safety. Please visit the website at: This project was conducted under the supervision of Sumner Sharpe and Ellen Bassett.


Client: Bicycle Transportation Alliance


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