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City planning -- Oregon -- Portland, Neighborhood planning -- Oregon -- Portland, Urban community development -- Oregon -- Portland


The Power of Place study assists DVC in fulfilling that mission by pursuing an understanding of the street’s character and identifying opportunities for future development or continued investment. Both aspects of this study establish the foundation necessary for the Coalition to become proactive in development processes and maintain the attributes that most significantly contribute to the character of the street. To that end, the study looked to achieve three primary objectives:

  1. Develop a body of knowledge that can steer DVC toward community desires and objectives regarding Division St. development.
  2. Based on that knowledge, identify sites along Division that hold potential for future development or continued investment.
  3. Identify community and collective ownership structures that the community might use to purchase and manage real estate.

This project was conducted under the supervision of Deborah Howe, Barry Messer, and Ethan Seltzer.


Client: Division Vision Coalition

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