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Sustainable development -- Oregon -- Portland, Urban land use -- Oregon -- Portland Metropolitan Area, City planning -- Oregon -- Portland


To reflect the Division Vision Coalition's (DVC) desire to promote neighborhood livability through sustainable development, Team Urbanics offered a series of community workshops in May 2004 that explored the concepts of sustainable development. The goals of the "Sustainable Options for Division Street" workshops were to:

  • Provide DVC with an educational tool that enhances the public’s awareness of sustainable development options
  • Encourage public participation in upcoming redevelopment planning efforts
  • Promote sustainable practices, including environmental protection, economic development, and social equity, and
  • Create a forum for civil discourse, for neighbors to meet neighbors, and for people to learn new things about their community.

This project was conducted under the supervision of Deborah Howe, Barry Messer, and Ethan Seltzer.


Client: Division Vision Coalition

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