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Community development -- Washington -- Kelso


The city of Kelso has a rich history based in a strong community ethic, hard-working people, and an economy deeply rooted in the bounty of the natural environment. This economy has changed over the last several decades, however, and the difficult transition has left its mark on the community. South Kelso in particular- one of the four neighborhood quadrants- is battling its fourth generation of disinvestment and widespread poverty. To help the City revitalize South Kelso, the aim of the South Kelso Revitalization Plan is to give voice, strength, and direction to the concerns and priorities of the South Kelso community. The South Kelso Revitalization Plan consists of five focus areas and ten strategies:

  1. Community Organization: Form a Neighborhood Association.
  2. Public Safety: Develop a Neighborhood Crime and Safety Plan
  3. Community Gathering Places: Improve Parks and Open Spaces, Establish Wallace Elementary as a Community School, Build a South Kelso Community Center.
  4. Pedestrian Safety and Neighborhood Appearance: Conduct a Pedestrian Mobility and Safety Audit, Improve Housing and Neighborhood Appearance.
  5. Downtown Revitalization: Revive and Restructure the Main Street Association, Coordinate Business Support Services through an Economic Gardening Initiative, Implement Streetscape Improvements to Revitalize South Pacific Avenue.

This project was conducted under the supervision of Lisa Bates, Jeanne Lawson, Connie Ozawa and Gregory Schrock.


Client: City of Kelso, Washington


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