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City planning -- Oregon -- Hillsdale, Neighborhood planning -- Oregon -- Hillsdale, Community development -- Oregon -- Hillsdale


This document contains information developed to enhance the efforts of the Hillsdale Vision Group in making Hillsdale a more accessible and pedestrian-friendly community. There are three primary focus areas in the document.

  • A Pedestrian and Bicycle Accessibility Improvement Study. The purpose of this study is to identify potential pedestrian and bicycle routes to the Hillsdale commercial core. It also suggests methods to implement pedestrian and bicycle accessibility, connectivity, and continuity to the surrounding area.
  • A Street Reclassification Report. This report describes the process for street re-classification in the City of Portland and considers the issues which may arise in this process. Down-grading Capital Highway to reduce traffic volumes on this busy artery, thereby fostering a pedestrian and bicycle atmosphere
  • A Business District Access and Circulation Study. This part of the document critically explores current conditions in the Hillsdale commercial area, suggests alternatives to improve some of problems with traffic flow and bicycle/pedestrian access, and strategies to implement this alternatives.

Included as an appendix to the document is a Community Outreach Report. This report identifies some strategies to establish a strong base of community participation and input in the planning process. It is provided to strengthen the implementation of the recommendations and alternatives herein.


Clients: Hillsdale Vision Group


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