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Neighborhood planning -- Oregon -- Portland, Community development -- Oregon -- Portland, Street-railroads -- Oregon -- Portland, Local transit -- Planning -- Oregon -- Portland


The purpose of this document is to propose a framework for future development that result in a connected and integrated collection of neighborhoods that form the larger University District. Design Principles guide the proposed Concept Plan. Improving multi-modal transit corridors will result in a more seamless transition between neighborhoods. Key objectives of the study include:

  • Completing the fabric: Connect adjacent neighborhoods through meaningful design
  • Erasing edges: Overcome barriers created by large-scale infrastructure
  • Connections, continuity and accessibility: Create a connected community for all users
  • Extending the urban core: Redesign areas for a more urban, vital experience
  • Global knowledge exchange: Use the universities as a catalyst for innovation

This project was conducted under the supervision of Donald J. Stastny and Edward Starkie.


Created for USP 475/575 Urban Design Workshop.

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