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Neighborhood planning -- Oregon -- Portland, Community development -- Oregon -- Portland, Street-railroads -- Oregon -- Portland, Local transit -- Planning -- Oregon -- Portland


This document is the product of the 2011 Urban Design Workshop at Portland State University which worked to develop an urban design vision for the future Clinton Street MAX Station, part of the Portland- Milwaukie Light Rail line. This project follows two previous years of PSU workshops that investigated the urban design potential of Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail stations within the Hosford-Abernethy and Brooklyn neighborhoods in southeast Portland.

While previous efforts were broad in scope, our project specifically addresses two oversized blocks immediately adjacent to the Clinton Street Station, refered to as the Powell Triangle. The blocks are bordered by 12th Ave. on the west side, 17th Ave. on the east side, Powell Blvd. on the south side, and Gideon St. on the north side and is bisected by 13th St.

The Clinton Street Station is located on Gideon St. and will be bordered on the west side by 12th Ave., on the north side by the Union Pacific Railroad Tracks, on the south side by Gideon St., and on the east side by 13th St., providing some challenging access issues. Currently the land is zoned light industrial and is held by relatively few owners. Occupying uses are a lumberyard, a maintenance garage owned by the City of Portland and light warehousing and production. The tallest feature on the site is an abandoned fire tower that was once used for training purposes.

This project was conducted under the supervision of Donald J. Stastny and Edward Starkie.


Created for USP 475/575 Urban Design Workshop.

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