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People with disabilities -- Services for -- Oregon, People with disabilities -- Counseling of -- Oregon, Older people -- Services for -- Oregon, Older people -- Counseling of -- Oregon, Community health services for older people, Community health services for people with disabilities -- Oregon


This report describes findings from the sixth consumer satisfaction survey conducted with consumers or family members who are served by the Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC) of Oregon, focusing on Call Center staff (or Information, Referral and Assistance; IR&A) and recipients of options counseling services. The Institute on Aging at Portland State University directed the project, partnering with Washington State University Social & Economic Research Center, who conducted the telephone survey between February 27 and April 5, 2019.


The Consumer Satisfaction with Aging & Disability Resource Connection of Oregon: Round 6 has 7 parts to it. The Executive Summary is available when you click on the Download button. Parts 1 - 7 and Appendix A-B are available below in the Additional Files.

This is the final report submitted to Oregon State Unit on Aging, Department of Human Services

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OBJ datastream-part1.pdf (1050 kB)
Part 1: 2019 Survey Participants

OBJ datastream-part2.pdf (423 kB)
Part 2: Accessing the ADRC

OBJ datastream-part3.pdf (549 kB)
Part 3. Information and Referral/Assistance

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Part 4. Options Counseling

OBJ datastream-part5.pdf (577 kB)
Part 5. Streamlined Access for Public Programs

2019-adrc-survey-part6.pdf (687 kB)
Part 6. Confusion and Memory Loss: The ADRC Experience

2019-adrc-survey-part7.pdf (799 kB)
Part 7. Consumer Concerns, Recommendations, and Satisfaction

OBJ datastream-appendix.pdf (600 kB)
Appendix A. Consumer Satisfaction Survey

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Appendix B: Report Tables