Investigating the Effectiveness of Retailers' Mobile Applications in Determining Customer Satisfaction and Repatronage Intentions? A Congruency Perspective

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Journal of Retailing & Consumer Services

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With the increasing use of handheld digital devices for shopping, retailers are trying to effectively implement mobile applications. Drawing from extant literature on customer value, this research explores the factors that drive customer satisfaction with retailers' mobile applications (mobile apps) and the subsequent effect on repatronage intentions with the retailer. Data were collected from customers who use retailer mobile apps, and PLS-SEM was used for analysis. We find that the fit between retailer brand image and the mobile application positively affects customer satisfaction with the retailer mobile app. In addition, functional value and hedonic value of retailers' mobile applications positively influence customer satisfaction with the retailer mobile app. Finally, satisfaction with the retailer mobile app partially mediates the relationships between congruency, functional, hedonic and social values and repatronage intentions towards the retailer. Theoretically, this paper provides a better understanding of how the retail app-brand fit plays a vital role in determining satisfaction and repatronage intentions in an increasingly competitive retail app environment. From a managerial perspective, current paper emphasizes the importance of functional and hedonic values in providing the same experience at each retail touch point for companies that decide to go with omnichannel retailing.


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