Using Public Company Filings to Plan the Audit and Perform Risk Assessment Procedures

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Current Issues in Auditing

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This project gives student groups the opportunity to research and analyze publicly available information in the context of audit planning and risk assessment for a publicly traded company. Students simulate an audit team environment and deliver a summary audit-planning memo, risk assessment analytical procedures, and a video presentation in which each audit team presents its findings to the “audit partner.” This project accomplishes several important learning objectives, including (1) familiarizing students with the SEC's EDGAR database and other public sources of company data; (2) fostering students' research and critical-thinking skills; and (3) improving students' understanding of the risk assessment process. This project uses free, publicly available information to achieve these objectives, and the project can be easily modified for subsequent classes by requiring students to utilize the most recent year's filings when completing the project. The project is appropriate for undergraduate or graduate auditing students.


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