The Rule of One: Grameen Intel and the Power of Social Intrapreneurship



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Social entrepreneurship -- Developing countries, Information technology, Poverty, Economic development


The Rule of One speaks about the power of social intrapreneurship in the developing world. Colleagues at Intel, Huque and Sundararajan co-founded an intrapreneurial joint venture between Intel and Grameen called Grameen Intel Social Business working with Professor Muhammad Yunus, the Nobel laureate. Along with Jacen Green, they've collected and presented these original and transformational ideas in this book which explores crippling challenges like poverty, healthcare, education which plague the developing world and how problems related to these challenges can be solved in a sustainable and comprehensive manner.

The data tell us that nearly half of those living in developing countries are yet to benefit from information technology. Peppered with illustrative and useful examples and case studies, The Rule of One provides a comprehensive road map for companies to engineer business solutions to deal with social and economic issues.

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