Grameen Intel Social Business: Technology Solutions at the Base of the Pyramid

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Social responsibility of business -- Case studies, Sustainable development, Social entrepreneurship, Millennium Development Goals


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Interview with Kazi Huque of Grameen Intel: Business Model Canvas - describes background information related to the project.

About the Case Study

Second-place winner of the 2015 NextBillion competition. Grameen Intel, a Bangladeshi-based joint venture between the Grameen Trust and Intel Corporation, is a social business that develops and delivers new technology products and services to base of the pyramid (BoP) customers. Grameen Intel bases its impact assessment and business agenda toward achieving a selected group of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The MDGs are a collection of social goals developed by the United Nations that help track societal progress through predetermined indicators. With pressure mounting to expand its reach to other BoP populations, limited resources, and the expiration of the MDGs looming, how can Grameen Intel scale its social business and assess impact going forward?

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Second Place: 2015 Next Billion Case Writing Competition

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Teaching Objectives

After reading and discussing the material, students should:

  • Analyze intrapreneurial opportunities and assess the feasibility and start-up challenges associated with beginning a social business within an existing organization.
  • Develop a market entry strategy for a business serving base of the pyramid populations.
  • Create an implementation plan for social and environmental impact tracking, analysis, and reporting.

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