Information Content in Television Advertising: A Replication and Extension

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Journal of Advertising Research

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Conducted a replication of A. Resnik and B. L. Stern's (1977) analysis of information content in TV advertising. The informativeness of 340 network advertisements was compared with 122 ads broadcast by 6 cable networks. No significant difference was found between the original and replication samples in overall proportion of informative ads. However, the proportion of informative evening ads dropped significantly, while informative ads during weekday afternoons increased. The most frequently communicated types of information cues related to components or contents, performance, and price or value. Seven of the 14 cues showed significant differences in the proportion of their occurrence between the original and replication samples. A larger proportion of cable ads were judged to be informative, while the types of cues communicated did not differ much between network and cable ads.

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