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Social responsibility of business -- Case studies, Sustainable development


From a single store to a regional chain, Burgerville has differentiated from other national chains by maintaining a strong relationship with its customers, supply partners, employees and the community. A case study from PSU's School of Business delves deeper into Burgerville's commitment to instilling a sustainability culture by assessing the impact of the company's mission to "Serve with Love." The analysis in this study covers Burgerville’s strategic changes in:

  • Product development – BV's commitment in using locally and seasonally sourced ingredients throughout its menu
  • Supply chain management – BV's approach to maintaining strong relationships with suppliers, and preferentially purchasing from Food Alliance certified producers.
  • Use of renewable energy – BV's purchase of wind power credits equal to 100% energy use in its restaurants and corporate headquarters.
  • Recycling and composting – BV's commitment to providing recycling and composting stations. In addition, nearly all of BV’s packaging materials come from 100% renewable materials.
  • Employee relations – BV's commitment to offering healthcare benefits to any employee working more than 20 hours per week.
  • Training – BV’s commitment to training employees at all levels to convey its core beliefs in sustainability and community.
  • Transparency – BV’s commitment to educating customers about exactly what they are eating by providing specific nutritional information on each receipt

Burgerville's commitment in implementing these strategic changes has shaped its reputation as the alternative place to go for quality, local, fast food.


Case Study: CGLS-RR-11-01

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