Competition and Innovation: The Tango of the Market and Technology in the Competitive Landscape

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Managerial and Decision Economics

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Technology innovation can be a double-edged sword in helping a firm to address competitive pressures. We explore the relationships among market competition, technology competition, and firms' advancement to a higher generation of production technology. Though market competition drives technology advancement as firms attempt to escape competition and technology competition also drives technology advancement as firms try to stay in the technology race, concurrent high market and technology competition lead a firm to defer advancement. We find supportive evidence with data on global flat panel display makers. Our findings shed light on how competition interacts with a firm's technology advancement decision and, in general, a firm's technology strategy. Author(s): Qian, Lihong; Wang, I. Kim Source: MANAGERIAL AND DECISION ECONOMICS, 38 (8): 1237-1247 DEC 2017 Document Type: Article



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