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Minorities -- Oregon -- Multnomah County, Policy research, African Americans -- Oregon -- Portland


This community needs assessment surfaces a range of health priorities faced by the African community. While the scope of the study is limited by time and resources, and strategically focused on maternal health, there are a wider set of upstream and downstream health challenges that impede the community’s wellbeing. We encourage policy makers to remember these whenever health policies, and in fact all manner of policies and programs tied to the social determinants of health, are being considered.

The main body of this report contains the insights of the 56 African women who participated in six focus groups. Their voices guide us towards a robust agenda for improving maternal health, and, as was seen in the Leadership Council, a balance of health promotion activities, health information, and improved cultural responsiveness among service providers. They dream, as well, for culturally specific health services, aiming to build providers who hold African women’s health and wellbeing as their top priority.

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