Submissions from 2003


Formalizing Collaboration: Establishing Domestic Violence Memorandums of Understanding Between Military Installations and Civilian Communities, Laura J. Hickman and Lois M. Davis


Evaluation of the Impact of Seattle's DWLS Vehicle Impound Law, Laura J. Hickman, Terry Fain, Greg Ridgeway, Susan Turner, J. R. Lockwood, and Barbara Raymond

Submissions from 2002


Countywide Evaluation of the Long-Term Family Self-Sufficiency Plan: Countywide Evaluation Report, Elaine Reardon, Robert F. Schoeni, Lois M. Davis, Jacob Alex Klerman, Jeanne S. Ringel, John Hedderson, Paul S. Steinberg, Sarah Remes, Laura J. Hickman, Eric R. Eide, Marian Bussey, and John Fluke

Submissions from 2001


Changing Prison Management Strategies in Response to VOI/TIS Legislation, Susan Turner, Laura J. Hickman, Judith Greene, and Terry Fain