Quality Matters, Information and data Literacy, Asynchronous online instruction

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Librarians within a newly combined, multi-campus research and instruction department undertook a large-scale peer review of their online instruction program and materials. This collaborative assessment project sought to unite three library departments with a cohesive vision for self-guided online library instruction while establishing consistent quality standards and building a shared sense of ownership and accomplishment. These goals were achieved through a collaborative assessment of online instructional modules that included the development of a novel rubric based on the Quality Matters Course Design Standards. This article reports on that ongoing journey, as well as the goals, challenges, and outcomes of the process, which at its core was dedicated to ensuring that high-quality online research, information, and data literacy programming are available for faculty and students. The processes and structures that the team built to facilitate collaboration and quality assurance may serve as a model for other academic libraries experiencing similar transitions.



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