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Endangered species -- Comoros, Wildlife conservation -- Comoros, Pteropodidae -- Comoros, Bats -- Habitat -- Comoros


Livingstone's fruit bat (Pteropus livingstonii) is an endangered and endemic species found only on the islands of Anjouan and Mohéli, Comoros. A study was conducted into the habitats selected by P. livingstonii, as part of a project to assess areas for nature reserves which will be able to protect and conserve forest resources in the islands; the bat is postulated to be a useful indicator of undisturbed forest. Known roost sites (n=9) before the survey were between 500 and 1100 m altitude, on steeply sloping land, with some indigenous forest cover present. Thirteen new potential roost sites were identified, of which at least six were confirmed as roost sites for P. livingstonii. Bats showed positive associations with two tree species: Gambeya sp. and Nuxia pseudodentata. The study also investigated the participation by local village communities in monitoring bat populations, and the protection of roost sites.


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