At the Interfaces of the Hydrologic Sciences: Connecting Water, Elements, Ecosystems, and People Through the Major Contributions of Dr. Emily Bernhardt

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Journal of Hydrology

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In this paper, we describe the major contributions of Professor Emily Bernhardt to the hydrologic sciences. Dr. Bernhardt’s work addresses how carbon, nutrient, and contaminant dynamics respond to a wide range of environmental perturbations that alter hydrologic dynamics within and connectivity among ecosystems. Her research leverages intensive and extensive field sampling, experimental manipulations, macroscale data harmonization and exploration, and continental to global-scale synthesis activities to uncover key drivers and patterns of the impacts human perturbations have on water and elemental cycles. Dr. Bernhardt’s research program is defined by her ability to ask questions and use approaches that explicitly consider connectivity and interfaces in a variety of ways. Here, we highlight significant contributions from Dr. Bernhardt’s work, organized by connectivity, interfaces, and interactions among and across (1) elemental cycles, (2) ecosystems, (3) watersheds, (4) scales, and (5) disciplines. We conclude with a section on Dr. Bernhardt’s impact on the hydrologic sciences and beyond through her exceptional dedication to mentorship, engagement, and service.


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