Science and Practice of Integrated River Basin Management: Lessons from North and Central American UNESCO-HELP Basins

Heejun Chang, Portland State University
Anne Browning-Aiken, University of Arizona

This report is sponsored by: U.S. National Committee; UNESCO International Hydrology Program (IHP); Hydrology for the Environment, Life and Policy (HELP)


This Monograph is the culmination of a workshop held in 2010 in which the managers from the six North American basins (San Pedro, Willamette, Upper Washita, Lake Champlain, Iowa-Cedar, Luquillo) and a Central American basin (Panama Canal), met to exchange ideas and "lessons learned" in various applications of IWRM within the HELP philosophy. Three major themes were examined:

  1. Climate change: Creating watershed resilience
  2. Use of social learning in IWRM
  3. Knowledge and information management for IWRM

Each of these themes is explored in detail and enhanced with case studies of IWRM applications from the participating North and Central American HELP basins.