Submissions from 2021

Comparing Mid-Century Historic Preservation and Urban Renewal Through Washington, D.C.'s Alley Dwellings, Rebecca Summer

Writing out Black History in Washington, DC: How Historical Narratives Support a Performance of Progressiveness in Gentrifying Urban Spaces, Rebecca Summer

Submissions from 2020


Picturing Forgotten Filipinx: Family Photographs and Resisting U.S. Colonial Amnesias, Stevie Cadiz and Alma M.O. Trinidad

Materializing (in)securities: Urban Terrain, Paperwork, and Housing in Downtown Bogota, Federico Pérez

‘The Miracle of Density': The Socio‐material Epistemics of Urban Densification, Federico Pérez


One Health and Neglected Tropical Diseases—Multisectoral Solutions to Endemic Challenges, Jennifer K. Peterson, Jared Bakuza, and Claire J. Standley

Exposing the Legal and Bureaucratic Underpinnings of Gentrification: Municipal Property Transfers Through Alley Closures in Washington, DC, Rebecca Summer

Submissions from 2019


Pilot Study on the Impact of Green Roofs on Ozone Levels Near Building Ventilation Air Supply, Pradeep Ramasubramanian, Olyssa Starry, Todd Rosenstiel, and Elliot Gall

The Cultivated Self: Engaging Nature in the Gardens of The Ambassadors, David Wolf

Submissions from 2018


Algorithms and Automation: An Introduction, Ian Lowrie


Effects of Substrate Depth and Precipitation Characteristics on Stormwater Retention by Two Green Roofs in Portland OR, Isaac Schultz, David Sailor, and Olyssa Starry

Submissions from 2016


Excavating Legal Landscapes: Juridical Archaeology and the Politics of Bureaucratic Materiality in Bogotá, Colombia, Federico Pérez


Parameterizing a Water-Balance Model for Predicting Stormwater Runoff from Green Roofs, Olyssa Starry, John Lea-Cox, Andrew Ristvey, and Steven Cohan