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Robert G. Martindale

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Public Health Studies: Pre-clinical Health Science and University Honors


Health Studies




Cachexia -- Etiology, Cancer -- Nutritional aspects, Cancer -- Complications, Malnutrition -- Treatment




Despite significant advances in oncologic treatment, underlying cancer-associated metabolic derangements and nutritional needs remain largely neglected in cancer care. Cancer cachexia and protective metabolic changes exhibited by cancerous cells continue to pose formidable barriers to improving therapeutic outcomes and quality of life for patients. Cancer has traditionally been viewed as a proliferative disease caused by genetic mutations, but newer perspectives suggest that it is primarily a metabolic disease. The present paper discusses the etiology of cachexia and sarcopenia, and nutritional interventions that can be offered to patients suffering from these wasting disorders. The role of inflammation in cancer and the methods for preventing and resolving it with nutrition are also explored. Ultimately, a number of nutritional recommendations aimed at overcoming cachexia, resolving inflammation and improving cancer outcomes are provided based on a review of the current literature.


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